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Rugged Entertainment's JUST ANOTHER DAY
DVD released July 20, 2010

An all-star cast including Trick Daddy, Lil Scrappy, Ja Rule, Petey Pablo, and Big Daddy Kane brings to authentic life this story about the ups and the downs of the hip-hop music business. JUST ANOTHER DAY follows a day in the life of two men living at either end of the music game. A successful rapper, A-Maze (WOOD HARRIS: The Wire, Next Day Air, Remember the Titans), is dealing with the pitfalls and trappings of his success while the other, Young Eastie (JAMIE HECTOR: Heroes, The Wire, Max Payne), is a young man struggling in a harsh world that is threatening to destroy him. Set against the gloss and glamour of Miami, the film is directed by Oscar-nominee Peter Spirer (Notorious B.I.G. - Bigger Than Life, Beef, Tupac Shakur: Thug Angel).

Watch the trailer here or visit www.ruggedentertainment.com/justanotherday

Watch the video for "Soul Searchin'" or visit www.youtube.com/lumisdj

DVD available at Best Buy, Target, Amazon, and retail stores everywhere. Soundtrack available on iTunes.


April 17, 2008

"LA MC/DJ heads up a night of hip-hop at Jambalaya

Lumis is a one man hip-hop behemoth. He spins, he spits and he gets down with some of the big names in the game. "I've rolled with crews from Meg Lee Chin (of Pigface) to Illadapted," Lumis said in a recent interview. "And I've performed along side some really talented cats, like Akil from Jurassic 5, Bicasso from Living Legends, Zion I, One Block Radius (& Z-Man!), 2Mex, Prozack Turner, Pigeon John, Trek Life, Kid Beyond (the Human Beatboxer!) and Dirty Walter from Fishbone."

Lumis has been a DJ for half of his life, but the MCing has been a more recent endeavor. "I've been doing the vocal thing for the around three years," Lumis said. He believes that The Sugarhill Gang's "Rapper's Delight" was his first exposure to the genre, or "Jam On It." "Wait, does James Brown count?" Lumis asked.

And for Lumis there's not question as to why hip-hop is his chosen path of expression. "That's like asking me 'why breathe oxygen?'," Lumis said.

But it's not all hip-hop all the time. Lumis cites Miles Davis as his biggest non hip-hop influence. And it's not just another stage when he comes through Humboldt. "There's my perpetual search for Bigfoot," Lumis said. "Plus I love the vibe, the people, the grass."

Lumis plays Friday night at Jambalaya in Arcata with local bands Lower Class Alcoholics and The Republican Duck Hunters and LA MCs Veteran Eye and Apostle.
Show starts around 10 p.m. and costs a measly $5."  --Farmer John


Phosphorescence Magazine
December 2007 music reviews

"Out of Los Angeles, California, comes the 2006 release "Hypothetical Questions and Rhetorical Conversations" by DJ Lumis.  This Turntablist's music has been described as "Experimental, Hip-Hop, Trip-Hop, Acid-Jazz, Downtempo," and the best of the adjectives, "Sample-adelic Turntable-icious Electro Funk."  What it boils down to is one very cool, inventive sound.

The CD consists of 15 self-produced instrumental tracks interspersed with cutting, scratching, and mixing vocals with a synthesis of natural and manmade resonance.  The common thread throughout is awesome beats.  Track 1, "Who Are You," asks the big questions and informs us that, "Every now and then you have to go off so you can know you're on."  Another standout is "Got No Sign," which weaves the tale of Jim, a homeless man into whose life "came a man with no sign."  This imaginative drama entwines the astrological signs with the characters and is impressively creative. Track 11, "Solid" features straight-up great dance music that insists upon movement in the listener.
As well as self-producing his own CDs, Lumis plays in some of LA's most infamous venues, has many album credits with various groups, and is an entrepreneur.  He currently runs a start-up record label, production company, DJ service, promotional site called In Life We Spin. Visit the site at www.inlifewespin.com, and listen to music samples at www.myspace.com/djlumis.

Rating: **** Pretty Darn Good!"  --Lily Emeralde and Emma Dyllan


UBO Magazine (Underground Beat Online)
August 2007 Features

"DJ Lumis: Spinning Knowledge

Lumis, a connotation of Illuminate also is defined to mean enlighten, as with knowledge. One guy who lives up to that depiction is CA based artist, DJ Lumis.

Lumis started Djing at 16-years-old, playing at house parties. "Then, I got a job in Mexico two days after I got my driver's license, spinning in clubs and bars in Tijuana." He couldn't play anywhere stateside, since he was too young.

The science and art of DJing inspired him to start DJing, more than an actual DJ he looked to. Music has always been a part of his life. He grew up listening to De La Soul, Bob Marley, The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Run-DMC, Public Enemy, Miles Davis. "The list goes on and on, since I can't think of a point in my past [or present either] when there wasn't music playing. I'm always listening to music, all sorts of artists," Lumis explains. Now, you can find Lumis listening to Gnarls Barkley, Gorillaz, Gym Class Heroes, Mark Farina, Kanye West, Armand Ven Helden, One Block Radius, Amy Winehouse, Common, and Pharaoh Monch.

His tracks, like "Who Are You" and "Planetary Head Bob," are filled with beats that have their own unique sound. A little bit of house mixed with hip-hop. Some of his goals are to travel everywhere, and see different places and cultures through their music. He used to be content playing other peoples music, now he's producing his own beats. "Goals change as life changes. The struggles of being an independent musician are worth it if you truly love the craft," says Lumis.

Check out his MySpace page at: http://www.myspace.com/djlumis."  --Ashley Frett


Fresh Films/Fresh Sounds
August 2007

Original Lumis song "49" is featured in a short film from Fresh Films/Fresh Sounds, in which teen filmmakers from across the country created, directed, produced and edited short films in just seven days.  "49" rolls during the last scene in "The Experiment," a psychological thriller with cult-flick potential created by the Atlanta team.  "49" won the most votes in the action/thriller genre, and "The Experiment" won the prestigious Jury Prize!

"Lumis is super-talented and we were lucky to have [him] on board."
--Jesse Valenciana


The Music Review
Spring/Summer 2007

Lumis was chosen as a featured artist at The Music Review!  Three songs from the CD "Hypothetical Questions and Rhetorical Conversations" were selected ("Solid," "Full Moon X" and "Set It Off") and posted on The Music Review site, where they were made available for free download.

Lumis is also the first artist outside of the Midwest to have his shows listed and promoted on the TMR site!

"...this disc is really cool and deserves more attention from music fans!" --Elvis


Latitude 32º
January 2007 'Two Cents Reviews'

"Ah we love electronic funk. We really do. Local boy DJ Lumis, who's real name we obviously don't know cause that's a DJ thing I guess sent us his latest solo cut, "Hypothetical Questions and Rhetorical Conversations." That's a mouthful. But as the blend of hip-hop and down tempo DJing blends closer and closer together you get guys like Lumis. Cutting and mixing repetitive samples with mellow, melodic beats with an old school touch here and there. So really he's not just a scratcher like a lot of DJ's who sit behind their turntables and ride the vinyl. But out there behind the mixing console and keyboard cutting it up.

The man is a busy man as well. Having toured with such acts as the Meg Lee Chin Experience and finding residencies at such clubs as The Gig on Melrose and The Room in LA, Lumis is also working two other projects known as Illadapted and Shotgun Radio, who have both turned out albums.

As a solo artist though I have to say that the man is a prodigy musical genius. Hypothetical Questions and Rhetorical Conversations is a 15 track album with flawless mixing and comes with a really big chill factor. Being solo he's played a number of the notable venues, The Roxy, The Knitting Factory, House of Blues, Zen Sushi to name a few. He's also move to production and promotions, starting his website In Life We Spin, where he provides a "one stop shop" for recording, productions, DJ services and promotions for new talent. Apparently there's also been talk of a clothing line.

Lumis is definitely running on all 8 cylinders and there just seems to be no stopping the man. Constantly gigging every other day of the month as a solo act and with his other two projects he's really ready to explode to the next level."  --Will O.


May 2006 events calendar

"...groovily infectious Blackeyed Peas-esque electronica rap flava spills out on stage in an engaging show...provided by the talented DJ Lumis (Pigface alum)"  --Roy O.


The DJ (& sometime MC) can now add "actor" to his resume, having been tapped by footwear company Underground Station to appear in two sneaker ad campaigns. You can catch Lumis slingin' apparel and kicks on screen for both Timberland and Puma, two brand names he's proud to be associated with.  

Visit your local Underground Station store to watch the spots for yourself. They're in heavy rotation, playing every hour for 12 hours a day, every day!

Puma, Timberland, and DJ Lumis-- bringing you the finest quality in threads & beats.


August 2005 music reviews

"Electronic energy meets lyrical, hip-hop mania..."   --Jason Napolitano


Music Connection Magazine
Vol. XXIX, No.11, May 23-June 5, 2005

"DJ Lumis has the quick hands you'd expect from an old-school soul who truly appreciates the art form he's adopted. He lays down a foundation of beats that can stand on its own, and [the] high-energy vocals and slick verbal flow ratchet up the ante until the portrait is both complete and colorful." --Laurie Shaw